Transgender Lawmaker Elected

Congratulations to Stacie Laughton who was elected to the New Hampshire State House on 11/6/12. Many of my clients struggle with invisibility and feeling alone in the world. Having a transgender elected official will provide them hope and inspiration.

If you’d like to read more about Stacie Laughton, here are some articles:
The Washington Blade’s article
LBGTQ Nation Article

Identifying Transgender Youth Early Provides Opportunity and Hope

This Boston Globe article about identical twins, one with male gender expression and one with female gender expression, outlines treatment options that I hope are available to everyone in the future.  The article outlines how medications can be used to suppress puberty and allow family and professionals time to carefully consider the options and to […]

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Anxiety Attacks – What are they and how are they treated?

There are quite a few fancy techniques for coping with anxiety attacks.  Over the years I’ve boiled it down to a few simple concepts. I hope you’ll find them helpful. What are anxiety attacks? First of all, let’s make clear what we’re talking about. Anxiety attacks, also called panic attacks, are a period of intense […]

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Seasonal affective disorder FAQ and Treatment

Frequently asked questions about seasonal affective disorder. Includes recommendations for self help and a listing of professional treatments.

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